William Reckling






I am a PhD student in the Department of Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (MEAS) at North Carolina State University. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from the University of Cincinnati and a Master of Geospatial Science and Technology degree from North Carolina State University.

My research includes using lidar, UAS and machine learning to locate things that are difficult to find. My vision is to use machine learning to predict likely locations and plan UAS flights around the results. The UAS flights will collect structure from motion and remote sensing data for an analysis to identify particular objects.

I work for Theorem Geo Associates as the Director of Geospatial Technologies and I am a Principal Partner of Theorem Geo Associates Engineering. I have more than twelve years of experience using Open Source GIS and Esri products including Desktop, Server and Online. In my Director role I support the Real Estate, Lake Services, Environmental and Meteorology GIS for a large utility company. My role in the engineering firm allows us to do survey work with lidar and UAS (drones) for a variety of clients. Previously, I managed several UAS and lidar pilots at in conjunction with the vegetation management, transmission line engineering and emerging technology teams at an electric utility. I have also worked on GIS projects for Red Hat, an archaeology firm, NC OneMap, NCDOT and the NC Flood Mapping Program.

I am a member of the US OSGeo chapter and an education committe memeber for the NC ASPRS chapter. I am a licensed Professional Land Surveyor.


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